Project Description

“Beautiful images!
Some of the best use of a drone I have ever seen.”

Roger Deakins CBE, ASC, BSC

Project Description

The Port Talbot steelworks have suffered many setbacks, closures and job losses in recent years, greatly effecting the local economy and community. We follow John (70) a retired worker and lifelong resident of Port Talbot as he runs familiar paths, contemplating the shadows of uncertainty as the future of Welsh steel hangs in a precarious balance.

Shot primarily on the Arri Amira, the drone elements were shot with the DJI Inspire 2. The high quality of the 4k Prores 4444 files from the drone easily kept up with the quality of the main camera, giving a beautiful final grade and look.


Directed by: Chris Thomas
Written by: Chris Thomas & Tom Stanley
Cinematography: Lee Thomas
Camera Ast/Grip/Overall hero: Tom Stanley
Drone Operator: Ben Hoy-Slot
Grade: Vlad Barin @Cheatit
Sound: James Utting & Mark Hills @Factory
Voice Over: Rhys Young @Hoot Studios
Music: Tom Player @LostTrack

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